The following is a list of the services provided, for more information, please contact us.

House Plans

A house plan is a set of construction or working drawings (sometimes called blueprints) that define all the construction specifications of a residential house such as dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques. They are needed to apply for planning permission and subsequently during the construction process.

Fire Safety Certificates

A Fire Safety Certificate is a certificate issued by the Building Control Authority on foot of an application submitted to it. A Fire Safety Certificate certifies that the works or building to which the application relates will, if constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted, comply with the requirements of the building regulations.

Site Mapping

Site mapping involve the surveying of an existing site or property for the purposes of reproducing the details on a map or plan. A site survey and mapping is the basis for most engineers/architectural design. Site mapping may also be used for agricultural purposes, subdivision of land parcels, boundary disputes etc.

Building Supervision

This service is important to clients who require building works to be monitored in stages during the building of their project. Certificates of Compliance will be provided at the end of the construction work. Typically, 5-6 site visits are carried out at agreed stages, inspecting all building work to ensure that it complies with the Building Regulations and any Planning Permission granted.

Materials Supervision

This work involves the specification of suitable construction materials following the design of a project. The materials may be architectural, structural, non-structural etc and provide the construction team with a detailed and accurate specificate for the proposed works as per the clients brief.

Percolation Tests

A percolation test is a test to determine the absorption rate of soil for a septic drain field or percolation area. The results of a percolation test are required to properly design a septic system. In its broadest terms, percolation testing is simply observing how quickly a known volume of water dissipates into the subsoil of a drilled hole of known surface area.

Compliance Certificates

A Certificate of Compliance is needed when a property is constructed or an alteration or extension has been made to an existing property. The Certificate of Compliance will confirm that the works comply with the relevant Building and Planning Regulations.

Property Surveys

Sometimes also known as “Condition Survey”, they determine the physical properties of an existing structure or building etc. The extent of a survey will be specified by client requirements and can vary from a visual inspection to detailed testing of the required property. A written report will be issued on completion to the client.

Planning Applications

Planning permission or planning consent is the permission required in Ireland in order to be allowed to build on land, or change the use of land or buildings. Accurate and objective advice is provided without prejudice for the formal consideration of an application by a local authority. The planning application requires the preparation of designs and drawing as specified by the planning authority.

BER Certificates

A BER Cert is an energy label for a building similar to energy labels for domestic electrical appliances. A BER Cert measures how much energy your house uses and how much carbon it produces over a year..

Structural Design

Structural design is the methodical investigation of the stability, strength and rigidity of structures. The basic objective in structural analysis and design is to produce a structure capable of resisting all applied loads without failure during its intended life.

Litigation Services

Expert evidence and reports are sometimes required in legal disputes. Services are provided to parties involved in legal matters, where by virtue of education, training, skill or experience the expert evidence/knowledge is beyond that of the average person in the case concerned. Litigation services range from expert reports to attendance at District, Circuit or High Court proceedings.

Assigned Certifier

Required under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014, the assigned certifier prepares and implements an inspection plan, inspects and co-ordinates compliance with regulations and completes a certificate of compliance relating to work governed under the 2014 regulations.

Disability Access Certificate

A DAC is a certificate granted by a Building Control Authority which certifies compliance of a design of certain works with the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations. A DAC is not required for a dwelling house but is required for works for most other buildings.

Health and Safety Plans/Statements

These documents are required under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts. The Safety, Health and Welfare (Construction) Regulations 2014 places new responsibilities on homeowners who are having construction work carried out at their home. Brian D. Grace Engineering Consultancy is qualified and experienced in the preparation of safety plans and statements and the undertaking of the role of Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP).